Range Rules

Important Rules of the Range

All shooters must agree to the following rules of the Compass Training Center

  1. You MUST obey all commands from the Range Safety Officer (RSO) immediately.
  2. All visitors to Facility must sign-in, show ID and/or pay range fees, sign Hold Harmless and range rules documentation and receive wristband before observing or bringing firearms and equipment to the firing line.
  3. A parent or responsible adult must accompany any shooter under the age of 18.
  4. Firearms must be unloaded when entering or leaving the range area. Loaded pistols properly holstered are allowed. Authorized Law enforcement weapons may be kept in a readiness condition.
  5. Uncased firearms must be carried with muzzle down or open and shouldered when entering or leaving the firing line, or to and from the parking lot. All firearms being transported at the Facility shall be unloaded and cased with the following exceptions:
    • The only time this will acceptable will be to change firing lanes or transporting from your vehicle when a case is not currently available. This shall be done only when firearm is unloaded, action open or shotguns broken open and muzzle facing down.
  6. Uncase or case firearms at the shooting benches with muzzles pointed down range at all times.
  7. Eye and ear protection are REQUIRED for everyone (including spectators) while on the firing line. Prescription eyewear or sunglasses are acceptable substitutes for safety glasses.
  8. A live fire time period will only be announced by the RSO and a cease-fire will then be called by the RSO for target set-up, replacement or retrieval. A cease-fire may be called by anyone on the range if an unsafe condition is observed.
  9. When a cease-fire is called on the public ranges, all firearms must be cleared; unloading, locking all actions / bolts open, removing magazines, inserting an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) and grounding firearms on the bench. Then stand behind the yellow safety line and wait for the RSOs command to move forward.
  10. Do not stop at or handle anything on the shooting benches during a cease-fire on public ranges. This includes loading magazines and retrieving any items, these things must be done during live fire ONLY.
  11. It is your responsibility to inspect the target frame for damage prior to use. The RSO will inspect the frame after use, before returning it to storage. Damage may cause a $5 fee to be incurred, payable before you leave the Facility.
  12. You may be subject to a fee if the range or facilities property is damaged, possible payment due before you leave the Facility.
  13. Public Facility users must use approved targets ONLY.
  14. Shotguns may be fired on approved Target stands.
  15. All shooters will pick up their brass and trash and discard it in the appropriate containers behind the firing line.
  16. The RSO has the right to inspect any participant, any firearm or ammunition for safety reasons.
    • No unsafe gun handling. Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction
    • No tracer, or incendiary ammo
    • No full automatic fire without approval
    • No drawing from holsters – unless properly certified by the Facility Training Staff
    • No smoking on the firing line
    • No alcohol use anywhere on the range during operating hours
    • You will be removed from the range for being under the influence of any illegal drug (by US Federal laws) or alcohol use.
    • If you are found to be of questionable judgment regarding the rules you will be asked by any Facility staff to leave the range and you may not be allowed to come back in the future.
    • If you see a person break any Facility rules, it is incumbent upon you to bring it to the attention of Facility staff. If the Range Officer does not see the violation do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of both parties.
    • Safety is not someone else’s job; it is your responsibility to be safe and to be accountable.
    • The safety of all persons and property are our primary concern.
    • Live firing is permitted on the public ranges only when an assigned Range Officer is present.
    • You must sign a waiver prior to use of any of the range steel targets. You may bring your own steel for use at the range, however you shall have a RSO inspect it and will fall all guidelines for safety
    • No outside instructors may use the facility without prior approval