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Compass Training Center

Compass Training Center is a public non-profit educational facility and shooting range located in beautiful Chino Valley, Arizona. The facility is 40 acres in size and currently has a 50 yard pistol shooting range,  a 100 and 200 yard rifle range, two training bays and a classroom. Several future expansion plans are in the works that include:  Private Shooting Bays for use by shooting competitions, professional instructors, Cowboy Action Bays and Archery Range Bays. The Compass Training Center was formed by John Stankewicz and Regina Pecoraro in 2019. They and Lynn Beck, Wayne Hawley and Isaac Hanson comprise the Board of Directors. Mrs. Pecoraro and Mr. Stankewicz also own a professional firearms training and consulting company, Fabled Horse Solutions, and provide firearms, self defense and facility consulting and training throughout the United States. We bring our law enforcement, military and business experience to the Compass Training Center in hopes that the law abiding public, trainers and civic groups can utilize the facility to learn and improve their skills.

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Our Mission

Compass Training Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and continued safety and success of the shooting sports. We offer a 40 acre training facility that is open to the public as well as, professional instructors, competitors and several non-profit groups involved in the shooting sports. Our mission is to provide a safe, clean and modernized shooting facility where shooting skills can be learned, taught and advanced to all law abiding citizens. We will continuously seek to advance the design and usefulness of the facility to suit the needs of our customers and provide the best customer service experience possible.

Compass Training Center

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